How many kits are sold and not completed

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Chatting with a fellow at a small airport in BC the other day he told me he had a Pitts kit he started to build but never completed.

Got me thinking because I browse and other such sites there seems to be a fair number of half built or never finished kits kicking around out there.

Does Vans or such keep track of how many kits its shipped and how many finished.

Would be interesting to know Random brain thought ??? 8-)

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Think there would be a lot of the tail section kits out there. Isn’t that what vans ships first if you don’t go full kit?
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I think it depends a lot on the kit itself. Van’s kits probably have one of the higher completion rates. There is a lot of support available from other local builders and on the internet, not to mention when you are done you have a great airplane. Other kits not so much, in some cases. I remember looking at. BD-5 kit about 25 years ago. Luckily my wife said no, or I would probably still be working on it. She said yes to the RV6a and I finished it in 2002 after 5.5 years.
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