Cherokee for sale.

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The Dread Pilot Roberts
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I looked at a Piper Warrior for 40K about 4 years ago, had some issue I passed. Kind of think I should have bought it and sat on it.
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My prediction is that with fuel prices sky rocketing and interest rates on their way up, you will see a drop in aircraft prices as people start to unload toys they can’t afford to play with anymore.
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They have an expensive wing spar AD IIRC
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David MacRay
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They don’t mention the cost but the that one had the AD completed.

This Warrior II is way more expensive, they don’t talk about the AD and some ween messed up the blue stripe. ... e-aircraft
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Dads got an Arrow 2 the Inspection was about 600 bucks, IIRC he and another owner brought their planes into his hangar and got it ready for the inspection the guy was able to show up and do his voodoo and blessed them saving time and money.

His passed, but if not I don't know how much that was going to be.
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