How many landings have you done?

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Chuck Ellsworth
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69 in a Holiday inn is a proper way to end your day.

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Around 1 K
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I got stumped because I am trying to figure out if I have more take-offs than landings or visa versa -- damn

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Fun fact:

RCAF logbook doesn't have a column for T/o & Ldgs! Fly what you want, log what you need.
John Swallow
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Must be in the tens of thousands given the aircraft I flew in the military; however, I DO know that I have one more take off than landing (F86) and one more landing than take off (Falcon 50)... :D
David MacRay
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I have a few more landings than take offs in Shiny's plane. Boy could that baby bounce.
JW Scud
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Describe your worst one.
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Arlo Speer, watching at Gatineau.
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