Those Cheap Bastards

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Slick Goodlin
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I had a fun weekend, I really did. I did type training and tailwheel work with about a half dozen different folks, all out of the kindness of my heart. Every single one of them stuffed me on the fuel tab.

Oh well, fool me once, shame on you; fool me six times back to back over a two day period, there’s probably something wrong with me.

That is all.

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Very rarely do I here those magic words “what do I owe you for gas?”

I don’t really care all that much, but there are enough people who have said, fuck it, he can afford it. Hell of a coincidence that they are the people driving 8+ hours to the summer cabin, and the people who offer gas (always decline, but it’s the thought) are riding shotgun with me.
Funny how that works.
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Slick Goodlin
Posts: 831
Joined: Thu Jan 16, 2020 3:24 am

For me it’s the folks who are still there an hour after the plane’s been put in the hangar, helping get it shiny and clean again. They always have first crack at an empty seat if I have one.
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There are a whole lot of really cheap bastards in aviation. I don't
know if they honestly are dirt poor, or simply enjoy shafting generous
people. I remember a guy from Ottawa, who bitterly complained about
$50 for an hour of advanced flight instruction. How many FTU's in Canada
will train you to take off, maneuver and land 3 Mooneys in formation? It
was in preparation for the Oshkosh caravan thing. If he couldn't afford
$50 for training, he shouldn't be going to OSH. He shouldn't own an airplane,
and he shouldn't be a pilot.
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Try and get a pilot to buy a round -- yup big clocks, little cocks, ray bans and cheep bastards - I have known a few.

I knew one guy who would sit at a table and say I have entry fees, meaning I can buy my own first drink then drink the rest of the night on someone else.

This example was just plain rude, beyond cheap!!!!

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