New Years flight

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I usually try to do a flight on each of December 31st And January 1st. The weather wasn’t cooperating yesterday but here are a couple of pics from today,s flight . Plus’s a bonus for the Colonel.
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Nice! You are too kind.

I was actually up flying today in a Maule, teaching FAA commercial flight maneuvers, weirdly.

He mentioned his VOR stopped working. While he preflighted I looked at under the dash and saw the VHF/UHF splitter and removed and replaced the coax BNC connectors to scrub the contacts. Sure enough when we got airborne the San Jose VOR and LOC were as clear as a bell on the 430. Told him to get some electrical contact cleaner

It’s always the connections, it seems.

PS Chandelles are ok, but wingovers sure are fun.
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With the nice weather we are having here in Alberta I've been kicking myself for not taking advantage of it! Oh well I had a trip to Panama which was interesting got to see the canal but that was a Long ass sit YYC-YYZ- MPMG just to see some big boats in a river.
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