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Some have made it clear that they do not like certain users on this forum.

To help you from reading such blasphemy that might cause a cardiac arrest or worse brain to explode in anger or “triggering” as the kids call it today.

I would like to highlight a feature of this forum.

First find your favourite offenders post.

Click on their Alias.

This will open a window that should look something like this
Click on the Add foe and confirm.

This will hide said posters reply’s to topics so as to not upset you.

Once you have blocked them the world will change.

You will never deice again, always be number 1 for departure and approach. All this not to mention you can then enjoy Scudrunners Advertisement Free Forum with many free resources and information for pilots young and old.
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5 out of 2 Pilots are Dyslexic.
David MacRay
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Finally. No more Carol Baskins.
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I never liked her ice cream
trey kule
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What do you mean by again? That darn deicing stuff costs more than good whisky. And for a few ounces of whisky ice is no longer a worry.
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Who is making all these topics? I can't see the original post?

:mrgreen: ;)
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digits wrote:
Wed Jan 11, 2023 10:53 pm
Who is making all these topics? I can't see the original post?

:mrgreen: ;)
This one got me lol, thanks for the laugh digits.
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