Date: 25 February 18, 11:08 AM
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HOT AIR - Misc Forum / Re: Peoplekind
« Last post by John Swallow on Today at 10:38:10 AM »
I voted for my local Liberal member.  Lost my vote.

JTPM may be somewhat of an arsehole to some of those on this means but he's head and shoulders above the arsehole he replaced.

Which may not say much for the state of politics in this country, but there you are...

I gave some aerobatic flight instruction in a CJ-6 once,
the mixture was backwards to what you might expect.

Full forward was cut-off, all the way back for max fuel.

IIRC some French and British trainers early in WWII also
featured such unique configurations for engine controls.

It would be amusing to have an aircraft with the
ailerons and elevators rigged backwards, I suppose,
but I have no desire to fly them.
General Discussion / Re: Airline executive pay.
« Last post by Colonel Sanders on Yesterday at 08:43:55 AM »
Under the watch of man Canadians love to hate (Trump)
the Dow went from 20,000 to 25,000 in one year.

That's incredible, and made more money for more CEO's
than any salary.

So if you hate your company and your CEO, you should
really hate Trump, because of how much he helped them
with the tax changes in December that Nancy Pelosi
described as "the end of the world".  Well, yes, if your
life's work is based upon bloated government I can see
that less government is "Armageddon".

For people that hate Boeing:  their stock has doubled
in the last year.  Do you have any idea how many
millions of dollars that made the executives at Boeing?

Just checked - Jeff Bezos earned $81,840 in salary and
bonuses in 2016.  Remember, he has US$123B in stock.

You think he gives a shit about $80k?

All you Canadians that hate so much, with your politics
of envy, should try visiting the billionaires in Palo Alto.
General Discussion / Re: Great opportunity for some fun flying.
« Last post by Colonel Sanders on February 23, 2018, 11:24:18 PM »
A former student of mine - I did his instructor rating despite
the best efforts of TC and Toronto - went on to fly up north,
and recently when he was offered left seat on twin turbine,
he elected instead to go glacier flying in a single  :D

Brought a tear to my eye.  I'm quite sentimental, sometimes.

I was filling up the car at the gas station today in paradise,
and I noticed a homeless guy sitting with his possessions
near the sidewalk at the edge of the gas station.  He wasn't
begging or anything, but I went over, gave him an Andrew
Jackson, and told him it wasn't a gift - he was to yell "Transport
Canada sucks!" at the next 20 people that walked by - he
had to earn the $20.

That was my good deed for the day.  Helping people, with
Kit Plane & Home Builders / Re: Thatcher CX5
« Last post by Trey Kule on February 23, 2018, 10:59:41 PM »
Howis  the project progressing?  Do we get progress reports and pics of the construction?
General Discussion / Re: Flight jackets.
« Last post by David MacRay on February 23, 2018, 11:50:37 AM »
You may want to try the military surplus stores - the same or similar for a fraction of the new price.

I was at a surplus store once when they got a actual issue air force jacket. It was sized small. I keep looking.

Google ads recommended a nice nylon one.

General Discussion / Re: 58 years ago today
« Last post by David MacRay on February 22, 2018, 09:48:30 AM »
Seems more like a Honda Jet prototype but I see what you are saying.

If someone gave me a Cessna 310 it does not mean I can go flying wherever I want for free. Insurance and fuel will be more expensive than renting a 172 dual for two hours per year, then there is going to be other stuff.

Parking, oil, yearly inspection...
General Discussion / Re: Aviation Gin
« Last post by Colonel Sanders on February 21, 2018, 09:25:17 PM »

General Discussion / Re: FEDEX - Freezing Rain soaked plane into warm hangar
« Last post by David MacRay on February 20, 2018, 10:43:25 AM »
I enjoyed that.
I was going to quit the Internet but this thread has me reconsidering. I had a hearty laugh here.
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