Date: 16 January 18, 11:16 AM
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The airport, I have heard of that place.

I'll try to find it when the wx is such that the roads are not covered with various layers of traction defeating substances.

I wish they would rent manual transmission equipped units.

Update: Google took me to Hertz then their site had around 12 locations. Funniest? Detroit.

Maybe it changes in the summer time. Still, Detroit?
General Discussion / Re: Ottawa Flying club
« Last post by Trey Kule on Yesterday at 10:42:35 PM »
Slick wrote
What do they do for money if the weather sucks that day?  I would propose it's better to offer the position as 40 hours a week for the school doing jobs as assigned.  The instructing itself is what generates revenue so would naturally be in the school's favor to do as much as possible, but on those days when instructing isn't possible then the school should have every right to employ a team of very expensive janitors.

I am ok with that as well....subject to the following.
1.  The instructors are getting paid..that is something that is not happening under the present “ pay only when you fly” or $200 a month basic salary system..
Right now, I have been told instructors at some schools are expected to provide all sorts of service to the school for no pay.  That is not right,

Chuck...I agree. The US part 62 (?) system seems to work very well, but it is kind of being beaten up by the 142 folks..
General Discussion / US VISAS
« Last post by John Swallow on Yesterday at 03:54:05 PM »

Interesting discussion about visas and working in the US of A.

However, as mentioned late in the interview, it may just be a bargaining chip in the greater NAFTA discussions...

General Discussion / Re: Never Overshoot, Ok?
« Last post by Slick Goodlin on January 14, 2018, 10:23:06 PM »
If you're going to go off the runway, may as well do it somewhere exciting!
General Discussion / Re: Bombardier
« Last post by Rookie Pilot on January 13, 2018, 05:32:20 PM »
Bombardier is a sign of everything that is wrong with this country.

The snivelling, whining, gutless give me everything for free attitude that is predominately the norm. 

Most Canadians don't know the meaning of tough, which is why success isn't really that hard for the determined.
General Discussion / Municipal Property (Hangar) Taxes
« Last post by Colonel Sanders on January 13, 2018, 11:00:00 AM »

It also prohibited reassessment of a new base year value
except for in cases of
(a) change in ownership, or
(b) completion of new construction.

The proposition mechanism is true democracy in action.

it can alter one or more of the articles of the Constitution of California,
one or more of the 29 California Codes, or another law in the California Statutes
by clarifying current or adding statute(s) or removing current statute(s).

Measures can be placed on the ballot either by the California State Legislature or
via a petition signed by registered voters.
Maintenance & Aircraft Resources / Re: Crankcase breather tube in pitts
« Last post by digits on January 11, 2018, 11:28:23 AM »
PS  It's a good idea to pull the slobber pot and
slosh a gallon of mineral spirits around inside it
and make sure the slider is free.

If you haven't already, grab a copy of this PDF:

It says that 1/2 quart loss in 10 minutes is ok.

That's a hell of a mess if it makes it onto the
side of your airplane.

Great file!

If you fly unlimited-class sequences. I hate to say I am nowhere near there :-)
I liked the paragrah below that though, and their procedure to find the "normal oil level". I should have mentioned, but the plane just came out of its annual. We changed the oil from W100 plus to 15W50 and started with 7 quarts of oil on the stick. After the oily flight, the level was 6.5 . Waiting for a flyable day to try again and see if it stabilizes.
General Discussion / Re: I rather like this
« Last post by Eric Janson on January 10, 2018, 01:14:45 AM »
They get up to all kinds of fun at Red Bull!

HOT AIR - Misc Forum / Re: What the fuck Happened
« Last post by Colonel Sanders on January 09, 2018, 06:25:26 PM »
It's a struggle, isn't it

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