Date: 16 January 18, 11:13 AM
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 Drifting off Center of the Runway

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David MacRay

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To do WB when all the factors affecting it are the same as the previous 10  flights
where WB was correct ,as this FTU requires, IMHO is nonsense

A bit but there are people that need to be baby sat. I would like to say, "They don't rent planes." I suspect they do. Also, paper for legalities..

It's like someone physically breaking a switch or something, but not telling anyone. I would hope a pilot would just confess so it gets fixed, some don't. I would hope a pilot would know the difference between doing a W&B because things are close and doing one solo with half tanks, because the FTU requires it according to their rental agreement.

Do you guys dip the tanks? I know I can't get in and fly without a walk around. Late in the day the poor plane has been checked out by at least one other pilot when it has gone up seven times that day. I still need to do it for my own comfort and to keep in practice, in case I ever do need to do a walk around on a plane that might have a birds nest in it because it has been sitting for a week.

Again, re-use the same W&B form if nothing is different. Or just copy it to the next one if they want fresh ink. I must be wrong but I thought you were supposed to have one on board.

I just do a W&B every time. I am used to flying a different plane every time and with multiple different instructors, none of them are the same weight. Also, I have not seen the 150 pound instructor in years. Sometimes we have too much fuel to be in the utility catagory. We can still fly but no stalls or spins.

Sorry, I will try to stop now.

Chuck Ellsworth

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I wonder if the pilot having problems with drift is doing better now?

Eric Janson

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Here's what happens when you drift off the centreline in a large jet....

Not sure about the windshear part - looks more like a gradual drift to the right in poor visibility and rain.
Always fly a stable approach - it's the only stabilty you will find in this business!

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